Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...

My boys decided today ~ September 24 ~ that we must have a Halloween party ~
and we must begin preparing ~ NOW!

So, we spent hours in the studio today, painting grave stones, skeletons, pumpkins and...
well, I painted Frankie (in 7 minutes). I most love their skeletons, though!

skeleton painted by my 7 year old :)

skeleton and pumpkins painted by my 5 year old :)

Frankenstein ~ a 7 minute speed painting of the spooky green man himself. My boys said to please paint him "sorta realistic, but not too scary".

I think these new creations, Halloween party or not, will have to become staple decorations around our house every Fall.

Skeletons, spirits and haunts,
Skeletons, spirits and haunts.
It's a Halloween sale: A nickel a pail
For skeletons, spirits and haunts.
Skeletons, spirits and haunts,
More than most anyone wants.
Will you pay for a shock,
'Cause we're quite overstocked
On skeletons, spirits and haunts.
~Shel Silverstein~

Have a wonderful weekend,
let us not forget to take the time to soak in those happy little spirits ~
and the excitement that surrounds them.
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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