Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sneak Peek at 2 10x10s - Feeling Adequate

As a mother and business owner, I find the demands can be overwhelming and often wonder just how much I am “supposed” to accomplish in one day – in order to make myself feel that I’ve done enough.

Frequently, as the evening closes, no matter how long the day has been I feel inadequacy peeking in – should’ve done this, can’t believe I didn’t finish that…

The night before last, as I was painting I had a thought – if I write down all that I did each day before ending the night, that will probably help me to feel adequate. So I did. And as I composed my big long list of that day’s accomplishments, I did feel better and almost didn’t need my aromatherapy to fall asleep that night :)

Just for kicks, and because I know a large percentage of my readers are mothers in nearly the same place as me, I thought I’d record my list:

Played Bouncy Balls (that was fun!)
Organized the coupon drawer
Vacuumed all of downstairs twice
Took down the Christmas Tree (hence all of the vacuuming!)
Baked a loaf of bread
Organized the pantry and cleaned the shelves
Played pirate festival with the boys
Finished packing client gifts
Finished writing Holiday Cards
Cleaned the fridge
Gave the boys a relaxing, unhurried bath
Edited some websites, quickly
Played jacks with the boys
Prepared and cleaned-up-after three meals and bedtime snack
Packed Etsy orders
Went on a skateboarding walk with the boys
Folded two loads of laundry
Played Puppy BINGO
Read four bedtime stories
Tucked in two exhausted loves
Cleaned two bathrooms
1 hour marketing on the computer after the kids were asleep
1 hour painting after the boys were asleep
Started two new paintings
Worked on 4 paintings
Edited all Etsy print listings (organized into sections)
And more that I am forgetting, I’m sure

Does this look familiar to you? Haven’t you always wanted to write down all that you did in one day (and be tempted to show it to your husband?) ha ha!

I am now reading a book titled “Slowing Down to the Speed of Life” by Richard Carlsen and Joseph Bailey – it’s helping me to realize that getting more done will not make us feel more satisfied… I’ll let you know more as I get further into it. It is a good read so far, and a great deal at 50 cents from the Library bookstore!

I’m working on two new 10x10s – the one on the right will be finished then released tomorrow morning – the tree one I love and will come later when it’s finished.

Have a wonderful evening!
Love & Sincerely, Katie

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prints of the 8x8 Collection - it's time

Dear wonderful supporters, buyers, collectors, fans, friends, family and silent anonymous readers & viewers (whom I'm looking forward to meeting) ~

Throughout the process of releasing the 85 8x8s Collection (February - October 2009), I received numerous emails from those who'd missed the opportunity to purchase a certain original as to whether or not I would offer prints of these paintings.

Unsure, I responded with "at this time, I'm not offering prints of this collection..." it made perfect sense at the time, to me and hopefully to them.

Two months have now passed since the 85 8x8s Collection has come to completion and all but three of the 85 paintings have found warm new loving homes. I am infinitely honored and pleased by this - but I still receive those questions and saying "no" now just seems so.... I don't know.... mean and unfair?

If an image touches someone, why should they not have the option of purchasing a print of it. If it makes sense to them and tells a piece of their story (past, present or future) ~ if it makes them smile, think and/or remember, then who am I to tell them "no".

To the wonderful owners of those warm loving homes where the Original 8x8s live, I hope that you will not feel anything but honored and justified in your purchase by knowing that other mothers and fathers out there want to own a print of the painting you snagged first.

It's time.

Thus, I have now made a selection of prints from the 8x8 paintings available in the Online Etsy Shop.

However, if I make all 85 of them available tonite (or even this week), you'll be talking me off the deck railing, so I'm accepting requests!

Email me ( or comment on this post (here at the blog) or on my Facebook page if there is a painting in the 85 8x8 Collection that you'd like a print of. I'll then make it available for you and the world.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening - and anytime you anonymous readers/viewers want to chime in, you are 100% welcome! Do it on a Friday and you may win Free Cards!

Talk with you Thursday for the next 10x10 release into The Forty Minis Collection!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The End of Vacation

I've beat myself up a bit lately about not working enough, making enough, creating enough, doing enough.

I realize that it is hard to work and be a mama at the same time, to have a business and two little bebes that need and want you, but mostly need you to be around.

I'm blessed that my business is in my home, that I can paint and create and toil above the watchful eye of my two biggest fans.

We are coming out of a many-day vacation - one where I spent a lot of time playing Playmobil and reading stories, sleeping and eating. It was wonderful and we all enjoyed the closeness and lack of work.

I still squeezed in short painting sessions after the kids were in bed, but much less than usual.

Last night while mopping my downstairs hardwood floors on my hands and knees, I had some time to think... think about what's really important ~ the things that are important to me are parenting (which includes being a wife to my wonderful husband), painting and promoting (well, you have to put the work out there or the painting doesn't help to support the parenting)

It seems easy, eh? Parenting, Painting, Promoting. Not much else really matters right now.

Parenting comes first, so each day I try to look into those little faces many times and make sure that they are happy, fed, healthy and heck - just enjoying life.

I am realizing that being Conscious and Aware does help to provide solutions.

So, we go back to work tomorrow (which means I stick work in throughout the day whenever I can) and put my mind back on track to be focused and efficient.

It's fun, or else I wouldn't do it.

I'm thankful, and I know my boys are too, that as their mama I can be around, work around, and find time, also, to just be.

Ekhart Tolle is helping me with that last one. And I do not always succeed, as a matter of fact, I'm trying to get much better.

Have a great week.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

above image: I Can See Clearly Now

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Time Well Spent - a Christmas Eve release into The Forty Mini Collection

Well, it's a later-than-normal release, but right on time if you ask me! Amid the hustle and bustle of holidays, work sometimes comes last - and that's a good thing :)

I'm proud to present Time Well Spent - the newest painting in The Forty Minis Collection.

You can find Time Well Spent, as well as Music, Day Dream, and Wist, here.

Also, you can find them in the Online Etsy shop.

I wish you all a gloriously relaxing and warm, aware Holiday tomorrow - why not start it right now, of course, after the baking, wrapping, building and creating of gifts is all done!

Take a moment (or five or six) to be IN the moment this weekend - enjoy.

Now, that's a reminder to myself as well.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free Gift Wednesday - Happy Holidays!

Versus Free Cards Friday this week, I've decided to do Free Gift Wednesday in honor of Christmas.

Australian artist, Michelle Eaton has offered to gift one of the lovely charms from her Etsy shop.

Thus, comment on this blog post (on the Painting Motherhood Blog or on Facebook) between now and next Wednesday night. Next Thursday morning, I will announce the winner when I present next week's 10x10 for The Forty Mini Collection.

Here is Michelle's Etsy shop - so you can start getting excited.

(and, tomorrow's 10x10 will come in the afternoon vs the morning, by the way) :)

My family and I decided yesterday to leave for a quick and spontaneous, well-deserved vacation, so that's all you'll hear from me today!

Have a lovely day and a very Happy Holiday!

As with each day, I thank you for your continued support and generous kindness.

Love & Sincerely,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Free Gift Wednesday coming up! Free Cards Winner - Christmas Eve brings a new 10x10!

Happy Relaxing Holidays to all!

This evening I was blessed with chocolate, a good book, a massaging neck pillow and... what day is it anyway?!
It was wonderful :)

Instead of Free Cards Friday this week, I'm going to do Free Gift Wednesday with the gift being a lovely charm from the Etsy shop of artist Michelle Eaton.

Comment on Wednesday's Free Gift Blog Post to be in the running. I'll choose the winner the following Thursday when I release that week's 10x10 painting. Sound good? :)

Here is Michelle's Etsy shop - so you can start getting excited.

Art Pendant © Michelle Eaton. 2009.

And yes, Christmas Eve will bring a new 10x10 painting ~ Stay tuned, it is called Time Well Spent and I love it.

The Free Cards Winner for last week is Jessica - email me and we'll connect for shipping. Thanks for playing!

Have a beautiful Tuesday ~ Love & Sincerely, Katie

Friday, December 18, 2009

Free Cards Friday - What's Up In The Studio - Do It Day!

It's Free Cards Friday and I am sorry I waited til the last moment to create this post.

Today was "Do It" day at the Berggren house which included creating charms, tons of vacuuming, stripping wallpaper (hence the tons of vacuuming), playing at the park, cooking, cleaning, packing and shipping several orders, playing a 5-year old's game of bowling, and now fixing dinner and preparing for some relax time and painting (later). Phew!

I do love Do It day, though (this term coined from a favorite Sesame Street book) :)

Here is an image showing What's Up In The Studio!

The new large painting is titled Heart Of Hearts and is inspired by an 8x8 titled Heart To Heart which is available, by the way. When taking this small painting to my Portland Gallery, the owner looked at the tag and said "Heart Of Hearts" instead of Heart To Heart. Those words stuck in my head and became the title for this inspired larger painting.

Well, since it's Free Cards Friday today, comment on this post throughout the weekend (on the Painting Motherhood Blog or on Facebook) and be in the running to WIN Free Cards!
I will choose the winner on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend!

If I can stay away from the chocolate chips (which I have a tendency to call my Chocolate Prozac on those kind of days) then my little cold will probably go away :)

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Centerpieces with Toddlers!

We went to The Uncommon Gift ~ such an inspirational shop in Camas, WA ~ where my little one's eyes lit on some pretty candy centerpieces that Carrie, the owner, had created.

On our way to the grocery store, it was all he could talk about. He bounced around in glee while we picked out our supplies.

We picked brother up at school and while I put groceries away he proceeded to open each and every type of candy and spread them all around in piles! They then created to their hearts' content and here is the result.

Voila! Lovely and sweet (literally) child-made centerpieces!

I've already threatened them about sneaking pieces throughout the holiday season - we are a pretty much candy-free home, so these were utterly delightful to make and sample!

Happy inspirational days to you! I MUST go vacuum now!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Artist Michelle Eaton ~ Brisbane, Australia ~ 2nd Mini Tomorrow!

Artist, Michelle Eaton's work caught my eye months ago and seeing this little darling pendant to the left should tell you why.

Well, for a week starting today (until December 16, on the U.S. clock) - you can take some time to view Michelle's sweet multi-media pieces and jump into a drawing to win a print from me.

View Michelle's blog here

"Peaceful Moments" © Michelle Eaton. 2009.

Tomorrow brings the second 10x10" painting in The Forty Mini Collection!
Stay Tuned, it's a good one!

Have a lovely evening.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A day off - Free Cards Winner - da Vinci

The da Vinci arts fair was a great success! Thank you to all who came and said hello, visited and make purchases - I was very impressed at the caliber of work available at this event.

Here are some of the fantastic and inspiring artists I was honored to meet:

Ann of Circle Innovative Clothing ~ wow, her layered and creative jackets and such were so gorgeous - I am honored to now own one of her awesome hats ~ Thanks Ann!

Denise of Radiant Shadow Jewelry ~ buttons and bottle caps linked and bolted together to make clever and elegant jewelry.

Jessica of Modern Beads and Jewelry By Jessica ~ colorful jewelry that drew quite a crowd of admirers.

Lisa of Lisa Kaser Illustration ~ I just love the odd and raw beauty of Lisa's work.

Jeni Lee of Jeni Lee Art ~ Jeni's art is always intriguing; rich and environmental.

Megan of Little Mamas Designs ~ sweet baby items!

Also Carolyn who offered the addictive Girl Bands ~ creative headwear that the women could not get enough of!

It was great to meet you (see you again)!

This was a very long weekend for me - four events down (1 on Friday eve, 2 on Saturday, 1 all day Sunday) and one day OFF coming up ~ tomorrow!

Realize, that in September of 2007 I made a vow to paint EVERYDAY and I stick to that (I've missed 5 days since then) - so I will find a smidge of time to paint tomorrow, but beyond that, nothing. The computer sleeps tomorrow... I haven't had a day off since I can't remember when. I'm looking forward to it.

Mechelle is the free cards winner! Thanks for playing!

above image: FLY - this was a popular one at the show this weekend. Prints available in the Online Etsy shop

have a great week,

love & sincerely ~ Katie

Friday, December 4, 2009

Free Cards Friday! Weekend Events

I have just enough energy and time to say "Hey! It's Free Cards Friday!"

Comment on this post throughout the weekend (on the Painting Motherhood Blog or on Facebook) and be in the running to WIN Free Cards! I will choose the winner on Monday.

If you are local, come see me tomorrow at da Vinci arts fair:
2508 NE Everett, Portland OregonSaturday, December 5: 10-6pm
Sunday, December 6: 10-4pm (learn more)

Or on Saturday evening at:
Sixth Street Gallery 5th Anniversary Celebration & Silent AuctionSaturday, December 5, 5-9pm105 W Sixth Street, Vancouver Washington ~ free event (learn more)


Tonite at:
Living Hope Church, East Vancouver WashingtonFriday, December 4, 7-9pm 705 SE ParkCrest Avenue ~ free event

SEE why I don't have much time to write? Gotta go, dinner is burning!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Forty Minis Collection Starts NOW with Wist!

Good morning friends!

The Holiday Season is beginning, and it is exciting!

The Forty Mini Collection has officially BEGUN with this first 10x10 painting: Wist!

Let me know what you think!

Wist is, as I write this, available in the Online Etsy Shop, and once the original finds a new home, I will make prints available.

I feel excited for the coming weeks as I finish the next couple 10x10 paintings and prepare for several upcoming art fairs.

Have a lovely, wistful day!

Thank you for your time, and for following along so graciously.
Love & Sincerely, Katie

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Enchanted is Complete - Free Cards Winner - Thursday Starts the Forty Minis Collection!

Good Morning!
Enchanted is now complete, the newest painting to come out of the studio.

Thursday starts The Forty Mini Collection - with Wist being the first 10x10" painting to be available in the Online Etsy Shop - let me know if you would like to receive an email each Thursday when the new 10x10 is released - otherwise, look for the new one here on the Painting Motherhood Blog , on my website, Facebook, and in the Online Etsy Shop - each Thursday morning before 8am (ideally!)

Holiday Cards are here!

Have a lovely and inspired day!
(I just put daylight lightbulbs in my studio - so it feels very cheery and noon-ish in here)

The Free Cards Winner for last week is Suzanne, thanks for playing everyone, and for your feedback on the Conscious Parenting post. Thank you Lela, Phil and Jacqueline!

Love & Sincerely,

Don't forget, the The da Vinci Arts Middle School Art Fair is Coming Up!

2508 NE Everett, Portland Oregon
Saturday, December 5: 10-6pm
Sunday, December 6: 10-4pm
This is a fun event packed with great art by over 70 local artists