Sunday, December 27, 2009

The End of Vacation

I've beat myself up a bit lately about not working enough, making enough, creating enough, doing enough.

I realize that it is hard to work and be a mama at the same time, to have a business and two little bebes that need and want you, but mostly need you to be around.

I'm blessed that my business is in my home, that I can paint and create and toil above the watchful eye of my two biggest fans.

We are coming out of a many-day vacation - one where I spent a lot of time playing Playmobil and reading stories, sleeping and eating. It was wonderful and we all enjoyed the closeness and lack of work.

I still squeezed in short painting sessions after the kids were in bed, but much less than usual.

Last night while mopping my downstairs hardwood floors on my hands and knees, I had some time to think... think about what's really important ~ the things that are important to me are parenting (which includes being a wife to my wonderful husband), painting and promoting (well, you have to put the work out there or the painting doesn't help to support the parenting)

It seems easy, eh? Parenting, Painting, Promoting. Not much else really matters right now.

Parenting comes first, so each day I try to look into those little faces many times and make sure that they are happy, fed, healthy and heck - just enjoying life.

I am realizing that being Conscious and Aware does help to provide solutions.

So, we go back to work tomorrow (which means I stick work in throughout the day whenever I can) and put my mind back on track to be focused and efficient.

It's fun, or else I wouldn't do it.

I'm thankful, and I know my boys are too, that as their mama I can be around, work around, and find time, also, to just be.

Ekhart Tolle is helping me with that last one. And I do not always succeed, as a matter of fact, I'm trying to get much better.

Have a great week.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

above image: I Can See Clearly Now


  1. I'm constantly amazed at what you manage to get accomplished, considering you have a home and family to take care of. What I've learned late in life is how to focus on what I do get accomplished, instead of what doesn't get done, and that usually helps me put things in perspective. Plus before you know it those two precious little boys of yours will be all grown up! Speaking from experience, yes they do grow up! Take care and happy holidays!

  2. Thank you Marie, I am realizing that my boys are growing so much bigger each day - such long legs! I think your idea is a good one, but one I'm not grasping just yet - I have a terrible ability to beat myself up as the evening closes, no matter how much I accomplished...
    Happy Holidays to you!
    Love, Katie

  3. I just found your blog and your art..thank you SO much for putting onto canvas the feelings I have as a mother each day. Indeed, you do capture those fleeting moments of perfection so beautifully! It's like you're painting my heart. :O)

  4. Dear Ash,
    what lovely & kind words ~ thank you ~ welcome ~ keep in touch.


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