Sunday, December 6, 2009

A day off - Free Cards Winner - da Vinci

The da Vinci arts fair was a great success! Thank you to all who came and said hello, visited and make purchases - I was very impressed at the caliber of work available at this event.

Here are some of the fantastic and inspiring artists I was honored to meet:

Ann of Circle Innovative Clothing ~ wow, her layered and creative jackets and such were so gorgeous - I am honored to now own one of her awesome hats ~ Thanks Ann!

Denise of Radiant Shadow Jewelry ~ buttons and bottle caps linked and bolted together to make clever and elegant jewelry.

Jessica of Modern Beads and Jewelry By Jessica ~ colorful jewelry that drew quite a crowd of admirers.

Lisa of Lisa Kaser Illustration ~ I just love the odd and raw beauty of Lisa's work.

Jeni Lee of Jeni Lee Art ~ Jeni's art is always intriguing; rich and environmental.

Megan of Little Mamas Designs ~ sweet baby items!

Also Carolyn who offered the addictive Girl Bands ~ creative headwear that the women could not get enough of!

It was great to meet you (see you again)!

This was a very long weekend for me - four events down (1 on Friday eve, 2 on Saturday, 1 all day Sunday) and one day OFF coming up ~ tomorrow!

Realize, that in September of 2007 I made a vow to paint EVERYDAY and I stick to that (I've missed 5 days since then) - so I will find a smidge of time to paint tomorrow, but beyond that, nothing. The computer sleeps tomorrow... I haven't had a day off since I can't remember when. I'm looking forward to it.

Mechelle is the free cards winner! Thanks for playing!

above image: FLY - this was a popular one at the show this weekend. Prints available in the Online Etsy shop

have a great week,

love & sincerely ~ Katie


  1. Yay, how was your day off, Katie? You have been a busy bee ... time to take time for YOU. It is so very important to do that! I didn't used to, and they think that is what triggered the sleeping virus that (they think) causes Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome - overwork and too much stress. So rest and Relaaaaaaax ... on a regular basis. The work will still get done - you have the drive and commitment, that is clear! And when rested, more can be accomplished.

  2. Thank you, Amy, I did sort of take the day off (from business at least) but I felt a lot of cleaning had to be done since I'd been gone ;)
    But, this week I have been taking it very easy - thank you for caring and thank you for the heads up on sleep :) I'm heading off right about... NOW!


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