Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Cards Friday ~ Prioritizing ~ Featured Available 10x10 Painting

Sometimes, I think, we feel as though we are floating-slash-drowning in to-dos. Never quite knowing where to start (as far as business), and never quite knowing which item to do first. Which often leads to time spent on things that really could wait.

Tonite, on a whim, I did a search for the Priority Chart that shows Urgent/Unimportant/Somewhat Important/Important. I remember learning about this when I was the assistant for an amazing top-producing realtor.

I found it on the first search - here it is in a very basic form, I know there are some much more detailed ones out there. This worked for me.

I've decided to try a new way of organizing my to-dos. Versus categorizing them by business/research/contacts/personal/etc etc, I am categorizing them using the chart above. Using one brightly colored sticky note on each quadrant.

I've written before about my urge to do EVERYTHING on my list RIGHT NOW! So, here goes. I'll let you know how it works.

Tonite I transfered my previous weekly to-do chart over to this new version ~ and in the process let some things go that didn't really need to be done at all.

What do you do to keep it all together?

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Have a great weekend!
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  1. I just write impossibly long lists that i can never really achieve, but it kind of keeps me on my toes! I then have the pleasure in crossing off the things that i didn't do and didn't really need to do either.

  2. yes, I think it is very important that we cross off those unimportant items (realizing they don't matter is the first step) - it is so empowering! good for you Sara :)

  3. enter me please. someday I am going to win :)

  4. You can catch me on Facebook or on my yahoo email: on the offchance I win.

  5. okee doke, Michele, it IS you today! Congratulations :)


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