Friday, February 27, 2009

With This Blog...

I realize that the production and publication of this blog is going to focus me - it seems obvious that it is also going to add one more "thing" for me to do each day or many times per week - but I'm hoping that as I press in something that I know is important (this) then something that is not important will automatically pop out of my life and dissappear - I picture hard-boiled eggs crammed into a bowl :) when too many try to share the same space, one is going to roll away!

This may be a way for me to naturally discover what unimportant daily calendar item is taking up time and space in my life - without me having to rack my brain over what it might be.

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  1. Katie~ Thanks for the special invite! :) I love it. Esthetically beautiful-- have I mentioned how much I love your palette choices?-- and also so wonderful to read about your processes and inspiration. Not only are your pieces gorgeous, but your words infuse such deep meaning behind them. I look forward to continuing to discover more about you and your work in this virtual way-- and yes, of buying a bunch of originals when the time is right! ;)

    Next time you come to Milagros, please let me know. My office is across the street-- maybe we could have a cup of tea together.

    Best to you and yours!


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