Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nurturing New Relationships

I recently met a woman over the phone who generously and spontaneously called to tell me her fondness for my work - it was wonderful visiting with her and she shared her interest in purchasing several originals. She carefully chose the titles that best suited her and we made plans to talk in a couple days.

The "old" me would have considered those pieces "sold" and began celebrating (only to be let down, annoyed and confused later), but the more experienced me (I learn something new every day about the business of art and business in general) appreciated the time she took to call and chat, contemplated how friendly she was and wondered why more people didn't just pick up the phone when they wanted to send a message!

We spoke again and she indeed was still in love with several pieces and chose to purchase several prints while saving up for the originals. I thanked her for her generous order and we vowed to keep in touch. I really like her and I feel so blessed to have begun this relationship.

My point here is to sort of congratulate myself for, but also share the value in, not counting one's chickens before they hatch, and with art - it is all about relationships.

I realize that I have been that excited person on the other end of the line a few times, eager to get those hardwood floors in (half a year ago) and deeply interested in a local artist's sculpture for my bedroom wall ~ I was genuine, but things change, values change and although I still adore both the sculpture and the floors, the time just isn't right.


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