Friday, February 27, 2009

Focus on the Family (and painting!)

Is it safe and logical to assume that if I give more aim to my focus - onto what really matters: my family and my art - that the things that don't matter will just fade away? I'm hoping so, I think. ~ I get nervous that some important things will be tempted to lose importance, but I am holding firm that if I consistently stay focused on what matters....

For years I've been obsessed with letting go - letting go of what doesn't matter, letting go of time and energy suckers, letting go of extra items - I may be going about it all wrong - if I instead focus on what I DO want, the time and energy suckers may just evaporate.

I DO want to paint and I DO want to make my children feel like they are the most amazing little creatures on the face of the planet (because they are).

Have a great weekend.

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