Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pay It Forward ~ Featured Artist Ted Newton ~ Upcoming Event at Love Art Gallery

There is so much kindness that needs doing and so many souls who'd soar with a spark of connection from a stranger. I love connection, and I seek connection from strangers. So...

Let's do another Pay It Forward ~ I'll start by giving away a free 12x12 archival print.

So here is my question for you: If you should be the soul who wins the Free Archival 12x12 Print that I am offering, how would YOU then Pay It Forward ~ and spread your kindness?

Leave your comment on this post and I will randomly choose she/he who I will send the free print to, in high hopes that he/she will follow through on their idea! If you are not chosen, I hope you will consider following through anyway! Learn more here.


Speaking of kindness, and offering a spark of connection to others...

I'd like to show you the art of Ted Newton. Ted is a Master Woodworker and part owner of the wonderful Love Art! Gallery in Sellwood, Oregon where I am honored to be represented. Last month while at the gallery he surprised me by showing his lovely yard art.

Ted Newton with one of his newest pieces

detail of the above piece

wow ~ I will have one of these in my yard, someday, when it becomes the space it is meant to be

Ted's pieces are made from different types of wood, depending on the piece itself. Some of his art contains cedar, some utilizes pole logs. All of Ted's pieces incorporate Bamboo, and the leaves, flowers and decorations are Copper. In the center of the pieces he places BullsEye Glass.

The most vital materials in these creations are Spirit & Heart!
Everything Ted uses is recycled and/or reused material.

If you are local to the Portland/Vancouver/Longview area, I highly recommend a visit to Love Art! Gallery ~ over 65 artists from jewelers to painters to glass blowers to yard artists are represented there. Maybe I'll see you there someday.

Friday night, May 6 ~ Love Art! Gallery First Friday Event

Entertainment provided by Byron & Shelley, a vocally-driven, acoustic musical duo. Their sound is hard folk meets organic soul. They will be performing original music as well as songs from the 60s and 70s, featuring two voices and a plethora of other musical oddities

Come celebrate spring with community, music & art! Bring your friends!

Have a great weekend,
Love & Sincerely, Katie


  1. I would Pay It Forward by offering the beautiful postcards I've won to my dear friend who can't have children anymore because of his husband's operation. Ted's work must look so beautiful in a garden!
    Cécile Mary

  2. We recently moved into the neighborhood that houses the local hospital. We take trips multiple times a week to see the fish aquariums there. We've seen MANY children in the intensive care unit and just this week even saw a newborn in the maternity nursery that was hooked up to tubes. It has been on my heart to model service to my children using the hospital as our way to love on others. If I were to win this, (or even if I don't) I am hoping to begin creating artwork from my children and myself to take weekly to patients in the hospital. I'm hoping that this little act can encourage the patients there (specifically the moms and children who find themselves there) and will challenge my children to have compassionate and loving hearts that are constantly sensitive to ways they can give love to those around them.

  3. I have made paying it forward part of my daily feels great...and it is a way to keep the kindness flowing. I am working on putting together a class at church to teach knitting to make prayer shawls for those in need of comfort. It is neat being a 30-something teaching older-somethings ;) to knit. Feels backwards...but is really fun. :)

  4. Wow, Ted's pieces are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with us.


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