Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Cards Friday ~ Breathe Life painting process video ~ Connection Parenting

I'm having fun with Painting Process Videos ~ and I am going to try to be more vigilant about creating them. Here is a video showing the completion of one of the newest 8x10s for The Expanded Visions Collection

Connection Parenting & Pam Leo I am currently reading Pam Leo's book, Connection Parenting ~ and I am thoroughly in love with her ideals and principles. I'd like to send you to her website, with this excerpt from her article: Teaching Through Love Instead of Fear

"While counting may appear to be a magic form of discipline, there is no magic in threats. Children know that adults are bigger and more powerful than they are. They comply in self-defense. If the only way we can get children to do what we ask is by intimidating them with our greater physical size and power, how will we get them to do as we ask when we are no longer bigger and stronger? Ask the parents of any teenager if counting still works. Not only do threats no longer work, they've learned to use the same means to make others do what they want."

It's Free Cards Friday ~ say hello as a comment to this blog post (here at the blog or on the Facebook page) throughout the weekend and be in the running to win some cards ~ I'll choose the winner on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ Love & Sincerely, Katie


  1. Love love love your work!

  2. Thank you for sharing your amazing work!
    The book you talk about seems,so great :)
    Cécile Mary

  3. Hi Katie
    I just acquired your print of 'In Kind' I absolutely adore this picture, it so reminds me of myself & one of my bubs, not many of your pics have blondies in them, so this one if extra special for our family.... I only with I could afford the original x

  4. Hi entering LOVE your work, but you know i do!!


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