Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Cards Friday - Moving Weekend! New Studio Finished!

As we speak, Igor, the wonderfully hard-working flooring installer is finishing up the floors in my new studio - moving starts now :)

It's Free Cards Friday, and since I'll be without a computer tomorrow - I'll give you through the rest of Friday and all of Saturday to get yourself into the running for Free Cards... weekend? :)

Comment on THIS post before midnight on Saturday and you could be randomly chosen to receive Free Cards via mail! Tons of happy winners so far, let's get some cards for you!

Here's a thought to get you going:

"Our mothers and grandmothers... some of them moving to music not yet written." ~ Alice Walker

Have a great weekend!

Love & Sincerely,

Above painting: Sprinkling Sunshine

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  1. Hi Katie! I love this new painting "Sprinkling Sunshine". It reminfs me of Alena chasing butterflies. I really like your choice of color. Vibrant and cheerful. I am so excited for you and your family! I can imagine how you must feel to have a new studio. Enjoy and take care!


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