Friday, April 24, 2009

Parenting ~ Painting ~ Promoting & FREE Card Friday!

I’ve created a filter for things that come into my life: Parenting ~ Painting ~ Promoting. If something arises that requires my time and energy but doesn’t support my life and well-being in one of these three areas, then I let it go ~ with a smile.

This isn’t fool-proof and I don’t always succeed, but having it posted in the studio does help to remind me of the direction I want my energies to flow and helps me to pin-point my most popular energy- and time-suckers!

Today is FREE Card Friday! Comment on this post and you are automatically entered to win FREE cards! I will randomly choose and post my winner on Saturday, so be sure to check back!

(above image: Clarity, learn more about Clarity here)
Have a great day

Sincerely, Katie


  1. I have a similar aapproach Katie, although mine doesn't sound nearly as catchy as yours, lol! It really helped me focus my energy and time since implementing it last year, and my business, friendships, and mostly family have never been better. Keep up the wonderful work, one of these days soon I will add another piece to my collection!


  2. Thank you Marie! Great to hear from you!
    Sincerely, Katie

  3. wonderful work Katie!!
    you have a lovely style :)
    I would love to add your blog to my Top Artists Directory..
    please consider sending me an image and short bio if you would like to be listed :)
    cheers Kim aka laketrees


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