Friday, April 3, 2009

FREE Cards Friday & Taking the Time to See

The days get so busy and I find myself pulled in a million directions (happen to relate?) – one task leads to another ~ it is easy to forget what is really important.

Looking back through my journal recently, I found something I wrote a couple years ago about taking time throughout the day to remember to look into the faces of each of my babies – to ensure that they are happy, safe, comfortable, satisfied and healthy - if so, then we can comfortably move forward with whatever we are doing.

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You have a GREAT chance of winning, because this is my FIRST giveaway and the blog is a newborn :) Have a great day! Love, Katie


  1. I just purchased Solace for exactly these reasons. Each moment with our children is treasured and they grow so quickly. Our boys are growing huge now -- yet I remember these wonderful snuggly little ones too. Thanks for catching the moment in paint and the celebration of children and parenthood.


  2. thanks for capturing the treasured moments that mothers share with thier little ones!
    So many of your paintings remind me of special moments I had with my two girls...

  3. Katie, your paintings always bring a smile to my face. They are all so full of love.

  4. I really enjoy your work! I have 3 young boys myself and each picture brings back many memories from when they were just babies until now. A love a mother has with her children is sometimes indescribable, but your paintings can replace all the words ever needed. Thanks for sharing your work with the world. I am planning on purchasing one for each of my boys (or more =P) as soon as we get a little extra money. I am still saddened a little that I wasn't able to purchase Swoon... but I am sure it is being enjoyed greatly by it's owner. =) Thanks again and I look forward to seeing all your new ones in the future! God Bless!

  5. Funny you should mention "Merchild" on your Facebook page. My 14 month old son has an aversion to wearing pants. Often, after our attempts to put his pants on, he winds up with two legs in one pant leg. Inspired by your Merchild painting, I've started to refer to him as my own little merbaby!
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Mmay I ask what you got out of reading that journal entry? I am kind of left wanting more ... like a personal insight, or what you are committed to doing to have that entry be connected with your life now, or some insight that you find that even in the busiest of times, you are still finding those ways, and maybe what you do to make that so.

    You don't have to comment on any of those things ... just sharing where I was left after reading your entry. Like, there is such a potential for an amazing connection with the reader ... I just want more. (Greedy little me! ;o) )

    And, it might just be that you are busy and didn't have time to elaborate! ;o)

  7. How many people conciously look into their children's faces looking for the story within? I love the connection you are able to create with strangers when you talk about your babies. Love you on so many levels, Katie!

  8. Great question, Amy! After reading that journal entry (it was a quick blurb based on the fact I was probably being used as a jungle gym by at least one child at that moment!) I was left feeling SO blessed that I had found it - that at one point in a moment of clarity I had written that and that it was like a gift to my current self - reminding me to do that NOW and everyday from NOW :) Sincerely, Katie

  9. THANK YOU Wendi, Kim, Ramona, Adelina, Suze and Georgia! It's great to hear from you and here's hoping you win cards! If not this week, then next for sure!!
    Love, Katie

  10. Katie, I am amazed by your work. In between cleaning potty off of the walls and carpet because my child thought it would be fun to use as finger paint, unclogging the many things she stuffs down the toilet, how she thinks it is a challenge to break all of the kiddy locks, wear 3-4 outfits at one time, and there has not been a birthday cake yet at our house that she didn't get to first and claim.... Looking at your art work reminds me of how every moment is so worth the effort. That bond that nothing on earth can change or take away. She can frustrate me beyond words but I would never want to change her or "us" in any way. Thank you for reflecting that love. : )

  11. I love your work Katie! Even though my kids are teens, I really enjoy embracing the memories of when they were small and sweet. I look at your photos almost nightly.
    Thank you,


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