Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspired, but Tired ~ Free Cards Friday

It's Friday, the whole family is sleeping but me ~ I have the evening to myself ~ with no one to tell (or ask) me what to do :) I can watch a movie, I can paint, I can read a good book, I can do production, I can just relax, I can sleep, I can call my Grandma... it is so hard to decide when there is a bit of free time.

I am exhausted ~ but also inspired from spending a long visit with a fellow artist and friend today. Her home and studio reminded me of pages from a home interior magazine, with art & craft-related trinkets and supplies organized beautifully into jars and wire baskets... beautiful books on painted shelves, and visual inspiration in the form of handmade books and such ~ almost always within reach.

I get the urge tonite to take a second look at my studio ~ to try and bring some of her inspiration home. But then again, I am always wanting to shake things up in my home ~ making changes and moving things around (all without spending a dime, by the way). I waffle between wanting the studio to be crisp and clean, and wanting the studio to be edged (literally) in inspiration: hanging clippings and prints all around for visual stimulation...

Urg ~ how do YOU decide what to do when you have some time to yourself? Do you have a fall-back activity that pulls at you each time you have space in your schedule? Or do you, like me, find a variety of free-time activities clamoring for your attention (then find yourself dissatisfied with your choice(s) at the end of the night)? Or do you not have any free-time!? (yikes, that's bad ~ I hope that isn't you).

It's Free Cards Friday ~ Add your note or insight to this blog post (here at the blog or on the Facebook page) throughout the weekend and be in the running to win some cards ~ I'll choose the winner on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,
Sincerely, Katie

PS: The Mother's Day Gift Pack will be arriving in the shop in early April!


  1. My fall back activity is organizing and paring down my belongings , with a family of 5 this is an ever present chore. So I am never without "something to do " although some days I like to pretend!
    Mechelle Johnson

  2. Hi Mechelle, yes, that is one of my favorite things to do as well :) I used to daydream about clearing clutter and reducing possessions ~ but lately I have felt that we are doing fine. I am a good gatekeeper :)
    You inspired me though, I think I will work a bit on cleaning out my studio drawers ~ that is always fun :)
    Love, Katie

  3. My free time activities? Knitting and writing. Writing has been harder and harder, lately. Which tells me I need to write more..... vicious cycle.
    So I go to my knitting. I'm obsessed with everything to do with my craft. I can spend hours pouring over patterns at Ravelry. Organizing my stash. Drooling over the prettiest hand dyed, hand spun yarns. Imagining new techniques. Planning my next project. Watching videos before trying new skills. Then there is the actual creation of an item. Winding the yarn into a ball, wondering what the color transitions and texture is actually going to turn out like. Casting on and working those first few rows.

    I could to on and on. Knitting is magical. Simply done with sticks 'n string. *sigh*

    (So tickled to have discovered your art and your blog. Artists' ROCK!)

  4. I am always torn between doing what I want to do (read, watch MY shows, take a nap) and what I need to do (clean, organize, fold the ever-growing pile of laundry). In the end, I try to balance a few things with what little time I have. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have an entire day to myself to do everything on my list!

  5. Awesome Mindi ~ I look forward to seeing your work, and I love your passion for what you do. Rock on :)

    Hi Cindy ~ I think you have found a good solution ~ a little bit of each, maybe something for you and something for the family :)

    Have a lovely weekend Ladies!
    Sincerely, Katie

  6. Although there is always something to do in my home...sometimes when the kids and husband are out and I have free time...I do nothing at all! Seriously, just lay around (:

    Other times....

    I read a page or two, make myself a snack, paint my nails, call a friend or whatever seems right at that moment.

  7. I have been mindful of taking time for myself because I feel it is important to find a place just for my own thoughts. I read my favorite books as well as have a little sketch book for drawings and do this once my little ones are in bed at night.

  8. I get very little free time these days. Being on the computer is mine.

  9. I would say cleaning, but that is work! Lately I've started sewing again. Now I'm working on some Thomas & Friends curtains for my twin toddlers. After that I hope to make some organic cloth trainers.


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