Tuesday, January 4, 2011

500 New Art Cards on my Studio Floor!

I have a new supply of 20 new card styles in the studio ~ thank you to Steve, my wonderful and reliable printer in Portland, Oregon.

Woo Wee! :)

Want to get some? Here you go, right there in the Etsy shop. You are welcome to choose your 10 in the Variety Pack ~ especially right now while the pickin's are good.

Here is an updated list of available 5x7 cards (availability subject to change!):

Joy & Peace: http://kmberggren.com/g319.htm

Lost Together: http://kmberggren.com/g313.htm

Promise: http://kmberggren.com/g308.htm

Edge Of The Bed: http://kmberggren.com/g87.htm

Undiluted: http://kmberggren.com/g314.htm

Deep As A River: http://kmberggren.com/g286.htm

Three Souls: http://kmberggren.com/g303.htm

The Very Breath: http://kmberggren.com/g320.htm

Happy Hour: http://kmberggren.com/g310.htm

Home: http://kmberggren.com/g236.htm

You & Us: http://kmberggren.com/g133.htm

Blessings: http://kmberggren.com/g105.htm

Connection: http://kmberggren.com/g201.htm

Love Affair: http://kmberggren.com/g93.htm

Life Is But A Dream: http://kmberggren.com/g90.htm

Whisper: http://kmberggren.com/g118.htm

Hand Me Down: http://kmberggren.com/g231.htm

Pearl: http://kmberggren.com/g132.htm

Many of these cards will be given away on Free Cards Fridays on the blog, as well as with each and every print, charm or original painting purchase.

Have a wonderful evening!

Love & Sincerely ~ Katie

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